Dear Esther (Interpretation)

I gave the mod a link in the previous post. I had played this mod a few years ago and I admit that I didn’t give the game much thought. I played it because it was arty, somber, and different and I really just wanted something to play through. Last night I played through Dear Esther again and this time I noticed and realized much more than I had previously.

Since the game is ambiguous and well, “artsy” it must have a theme that’s “open to interpretation.” I’ve enjoyed the mod so I suppose I’ll give into the trap and give what I took from the game. Beware, spoilers ahead! Continue reading


Day[9] Life of Starcraft

To meet the post-a-day goal I’ve set for and broken already, instead of a thoughtful, extremely hilarious, and thought provoking post you get a link to an awesome inspiring video.  Sean “Day[9]” Plott is a fine gentleman that competed professionally a little game called Starcraft: Brood War.  Sean grew up with the game and it became an integral part of his life.  Day[9] has made me proud to be a gamer through his cheerful attitude and awesome personality.  His web show, the Day[9] Daily, ranges from analysis of high level Starcraft play to dinking around and just having fun on his special Funday Monday episodes.  Sean’s motto on the show is to “Be a better gamer” and by watching him, I’ve learned not only to be a better gamer, but to be a better person.  Enjoy this video where he recounts his experiences and the roller coaster of emotions that you would almost never expect come from a video game.  Don’t start this unless you have some spare time.  Once you start watching it, before you know it 2 hours have past and you’ve gained a new appreciation for Starcraft and just living life.